Expected online marketing strategies in 2016

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Expected online marketing strategies in 2016

Online marketing industry is complex and variable, but exciting for everyone who follows modern trends. Every year we meet many new hardware and software solutions of all kinds, new companies, new user preferences and new requirements of Internet search, which are dictated by a number of fundamental changes that most companies simply ignore. Those who quickly understand and adapt to the modern methods of online marketing will be ahead of their competitors, they will conquer new markets and raise their reputation as leaders in the industry. Those who lag behind or ignore the guidelines of new marketing methods are likely to miss the opportunity to develop their brand and eventually even their profit may be reduced.

It looks like 2016 will be a big year for online marketing, and marketing experts suggest 5 advertizing options that will be available to us in the online marketing, and which will be very popular in 2016:

1604529_636343299738181_174168179_n1. Video ads – video ads are nothing new, but it is expected that they will begin to dominate in the online advertizing world. Youtube is already extensively used for video ads, since billions of videos are hosted on this network every day. Social networks such as Facebook also have the option of adding videos, and it is expected that video ads will be more common on social networks as well. Users are increasingly embracing video ads on the Internet, and if the trend continues, we expect to see more types of video ads that pop up in unexpected places. Given that YouTube is Google’s property, the possibilities are almost limitless.

2. Ads in applications – app indexing will lead to an explosion in the popularity of advertising through applications. If Google offers the option of app indexing and the possibility of their ranking, 2016 will be the year when there will be more and more entrepreneurs to opt for applications tailored for their users. Optimized mobile versions of websites are already present, but soon the applications will begin to replace them.

3. The complete dominance of mobile phonesgoogle-image-650-300x172in 2015 Google company announced that mobile traffic eventually took over the desktop traffic in 10 different countries, and it is the same year when they kicked “Mobilegeddon” – algorithm that recognizes and “catches” all the websites that are not optimized for mobile phones. Therefore, advertizing on mobile apps and platforms is likely to rise in popularity during 2016.

4. Digital Assistants – digital assistants will lead to a new kind of optimization. Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) advertising are two very popular strategies for attracting nw visitors to a website. But digital assistants will lead to a new kind of optimization. Digital assistants such as Siri and Cortana use traditional search engines, but only when it is necessary to find information. Suchmaschinenoptimierung-Typo3

The key to optimizing this new format is to check if your business information are easily available to the digital assistants.

5. Local directories – as already mentioned in the previous point, your business information must be easily accessible to all, especially the digital assistants that help customers who search for you online. It is very important for your company and all relevant information about it to appear in as many local online directories as possible.