Get To Work!

Posted by on Feb 1, 2016 in Business | Comments Off on Get To Work!

All people are different and because of this, all people have different thinking mentalities. Although some people’s thinking mentalities may be similar or the same, everyone is still different and you will always hear of someone thinking a completely different way. This can sometimes be very bizarre for certain situations. One of these situations and mentalities is people that do not work. Some people simply just cannot work, some have mental illness’, there are women that are stay at home moms, and then you have people that are homeless. Work is something that everyone in this world has to do if they would like to survive and do the things in life that they enjoy. Unless you are born into a wealthy family or have someone that can support you financially without you having to work, then you have to work! If you do not work, you will then be homeless. If you are homeless you will probably lead a life that is not very exciting and is nothing but miserable.

In this world today, you will have women that want to be a stay at home mom. Some of these women think that it would just be best to stay at home mom for their different reasons, and some of these moms just do not want to do anything all day long and be supported by someone else without having to do any work besides care for their children and home. It could be the mentality of the woman that is wanting them to not want to work at all, or it could just be pure laziness. It could possibly even be both! I for one do not think it would be a very exciting or fulfilling life to stay at home and take care of children on someone else’s penny, even if I am doing the housework and raising the kids. This is not a mentality that makes any sense to me.

There are both men and women in this world that are stuck in a terrible mentality of not wanting to work and having a lazy mentality. Some men and women just want to depend on a significant other to take care of them and provide for them their entire lives without having to work a single day. If these men and women can’t find someone to provide for them in the way that they are wanting, they sometimes decide to be homeless. It is a very hard mentality to understand. Not having a job and working is not worth being homeless, in my opinion. It is a very hard concept for myself and many others to grasp. Especially, coming from a family where my father and mother worked tire-sly to build a Roofing Company in Forth Worth, TX.

The mentality of someone that does not and refuses to work is something that everyone else may not ever understand. What we can understand is that part of this mentality could be partially or even mostly just laziness. As for the people who can’t work due to disabilities, they are probably also thinking that the people who do not want to work have the worst mentalities, as they are wishing that they could work.